No really, I don't need alcohol to be this annoyingly hyper

It's come to my attention that throughout my various online convos with you, and the other two people who read my six or seven blogs but never leave comments (ahem) that I write quite a bit about drinking. As in, I need one, I'd like one, someone please dear God get me one NOW, I understand why moms in the 50's had their 4pm martinis, I'm off to get some (drinks that is), or I am partaking in one. Then my brother's tweet on Twitter last night while hubs and I were tweeting the Olympics whilst drinking A Beer (as in, one, single, uno birra) made me realize that I probably normally sound drunk in my tweets, my blog posts, and other meandering forms of writing. Even without the assistance of alcohol.

Hmm. Pause for thought.

So here I am blogging, totally sober, but really, just as buzzed as I was last night on that one beer. I'm normally an outspoken, happy, hyper person in the first place. One of those annoying people who tends to write emails that contain a LOT of EXCITED CAPS!!! And exclamation points!! And :-) and ;D. And whose tagline in email signatures should just be "OMG! I am SO excited for you!!!" Couple that god awful loud & annoying personality with the fact that I'm in the land of the best NW wines and best microbrews in the world, so it's pretty natural for me to chat them up all the time. And think about them a lot. And sometimes, even partake in them. And by sometimes, I mean maybe one or two a week. I know, did I just shatter the party girl image I was trying for? Well, there ya be. Now my Swiss hubs and my Euro pals? Let's not get started on what "a drink or two" means to them! Our counting systems are totally different (I blame American public schools).

And I'll still talk about it all the time because I'm a mom with two super busy, active little ones under 5, with two busy businesses and about a million obsessive hobbies and online activities. So I often think "dude, a pint of Fat Tire would really do the trick right now" while I'm trying to finish up a website or powering through the last 50 or so emails of the day or cleaning up a poopy diaper after realizing my babe ate a whole pint of blueberries that day. But often we don't have any of the beer or wine I'm itching for in the house so I'll opt for a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream instead.

Mmm. Ice cream. Now there's an addiction that I admittedly DO have. Well, to chocolate in general really, especially dark chocolate, which goes really well with a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir...

(oh, and if you have read all this, please leave a comment would ya? even a "cheers!" would make this girl happy :)


Katheryne said...

Everyone deserves to relax! Don't worry about other peoples comments. It's too easy for people to judge, especially online. Cheers!

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Rick said...

Just last night I was having to calm my mom's anxiety about me becoming an alcoholic b/c I mentioned I have been getting into the Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonades...she was like "don't forget, it runs in your dad's side of the family"...geesh - I have like 2 a week!
My perfect day: a poopless one one that includes the ice-cream and wine! The fat-tire can be a chaser!

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Lara said...

sorry -that last comment wasn't by rick. I accidentally signed in w/my hubby's account! :) Oops!

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kateypie35 said...

Ech, I am horrible at commenting on blogs...I am the strong silent type! But I will try harder...
: )
xoxo ST&L

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marlynn said...

Thanks for the comments, friends!

Katheryne - thanks for the cheers!

Lara, that's too funny that you signed in as Rick, and those Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonades sound really good for summertime

Kate - it's fun to see you here!

Is 8:40am too early for a drink? Because this Monday has started off with a bang! Just kidding! ;-)

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Chickenbells said...

Oh, I have that bubbly-type personality too, which is why no one can ever believe me when I get sad or feel down (also the reason my friends wouldn't let me try speed in college...) And, don't worry...there's nothing wrong with a little nip now and then...of either alcohol OR ice cream!!

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that girl said...

Never apologize for the bubbly personality! I'll take you drunk or sober ;)

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marlynn said...

thanks chickenbells (will be going to your blog soon to quench my curiosity about the name! :) and thanks that girl blogs!

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samara said...

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