My Lunch With Martha

All right, fine. I didn't actually have lunch with Martha Stewart. I really just wrote a lil guest blog post which went live today over at the Martha Stewart Everyday Foods blog. But still! I think I almost peed my pants when the ever fabulous Editor in Chief of EDF asked me to do a guest blog post. Really? Me? (looks over left shoulder, looks over right shoulder). Hmm. It appears she was talking to me, and she must have been since she actually sent me a message, and well, nobody (except the government) sees my emails except for me. So I said yes (duh) and now here, for all the world to see/make fun of/laugh at is my guest blog post about easy lunchtime ideas for busy families. I know, the blog is called Dinner Tonight, but they were already filled up with dinner posts. And I thought I was supposed to follow their blog format? But the other amazingly talented guest bloggers included their own recipes? And their own photos? Hmm...I think I misinterpreted the rules. Gah. Mine is a little blah in comparison. But alas, it's still there, and I am still going to dance in joy and total appreciation of this incredible opportunity.

Did they know that my family jokes my middle name is Martha? At least, back when I had more time & energy to throw myself completely into entertaining *sigh* This blog is great, because it's full of awesome recipes & tips/tricks for busy families. Hey, that's us!

OK, what are you still doing here? Go read the post and leave some comment love both here and there, pretty please?!


Cindi @ Moomette's Mama Mentor Blog said...

That is so awesome & a compliment to do the guest post ~ I buzzed right over and thought it was great ~ left a comment on your great ideas too! Congrats!

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