My Solo Vaca

Sometimes I wish I could shut off all the voices around me. The emails. The Twitter tweets. The Blog comments. The Facebook updates. The LinkedIn requests. The voicemails (which I don't listen to anyway, so really people just need to stop calling). Even the kids. The friends and family. The dog. By their nature, my businesses all force me to be very social, which can be a great thing because I get such a happiness high from meeting new people, learning more about their lives, hearing their amazing goals, aspirations and life philosophies. I LOVE hanging out with other people, whether one-on-one or in large groups.

Yet there comes a time when my brain says "too much noise!" and essentially starts shutting down. Usually it's when life is crazier than normal on all fronts and my body, my heart, my spirit need for me to step away from the madness and recharge. So much is happening right now, so many decisions to make, so much to re-evaluate, so many emotions, so much at stake. I want to put my hand on the world and just say: stop. No more spinning until I figure this all out.

This is where I am now.

To say it is difficult to get away when you have businesses, plural, and kids, plural, and obligations, exponentially plural, is indeed a great understatement. When I told my husband, who is dear and supportive always, that I needed to get away if not for a weekend then at least for a full day, to skip town and head out on my own, he jokingly replied "who's going to watch the kids?"

I know he's joking, but that's the heart of my anxiety about leaving. I know it's ridiculous, because really, my kids will be fine. My husband will be fine. My businesses will be fine. In fact, they'd all probably be much better off in the long run if I did skip town for a bit! I know my writing, for one, is suffering from lack of ability to focus.

So now the dilemma: where to go? Originally I thought I'd leave for a week to London, Paris, Florence... who was I kidding? Maybe when the kids are older and truly happy to see me gone that long :) There's no way we could afford that now anyway. So then, to the coast? A day at the beach? And when? A weekday, a weekend? Or do I just need to take a series of short vacations away, like an afternoon a week? I'm thinking about staying somewhere close, because then I could take our dog. He used to be my road trip buddy when I used to travel up and down the west for work. Sweet old dog. He does love the beach...

Until I figure it out, I'm just plugging along. But barely. Has anyone taken a solo vacation? If so, where, and for how long? Any tips? And when I say solo, I mean, not even with my girlfriends. Love them all dearly, but I do a ton of girls' night outs, girls' weekends. etc. This time, this trip, I need for me. Call me selfish, but there I be.


LaSara FireFox said...

Solo time is priceless, precious, renewing. Quiet time, reflection, rest, recuperation, regeneration.

My favorite way to grab a "quicky" is to spend a night at a local spa. If you're flush enough, get a massage, or other relaxation treatments. If not, take your favorite magazine or book.

My ideal:
* hot springs - natural is my favorite, but a jacuzzi will do.
* private room - though camping can be great if I'm in the mood. NO TV is a plus. (I know I'll probably watch it if it's there. But if it's not, I have enforced quiet time!)
* booking a massage or other treatment, on-site.

It does take a little bit of a budget to do it up right, but you can tweak your plan to fit yours.


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Angela Russell said...

Last time I was flying solo, I went to seaside for the weekend. I got a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub, turned off my phone and read and took walks and shopped at the outlet mall. I really needed it. I felt much better afterword.

-Angela Russell

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LaSara FireFox said...

Posting a response to your post inspired me, so I wrote a more extensive treatise on my blog: http://www.yogamamasatsangha.blogspot.com.

Check it!


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ml said...

My director takes a solo vacation every year and always comes back refreshed. Most of her solo vacations are weekends at a spa along the coast, but one was a 10-day trek in Guatemala. Some people called her selfish, but they were the "people" who did not have small children, a full-time career, and a busy life. The trips gave her great perspective on life and made her enjoy her full life that much more.

I say go! You will not regret it.

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marlynn said...

Thanks so much for all of the great ideas, ladies! ML - I am leaning toward that kind of idea, where once every other year I go on a week-long trip on my own. For now, I think I'm going to try at least a day...and then work up to a weekend, and so on. I like the idea of the beach, incorporating spa aspects to the time. Thanks ladies!

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