Saturday Nights

Here we are, hubby and I. Another Saturday night. Both kids tucked into sweet slumber. Dog at our feet. Glass of something red for each of us. He on his Mac, I on my PC. Sitting next to each other, surfing, typing, working, playing, conversing away on our laptops while the television flips between a random Food Network or HGTV show, CNN, MSNBC, and some silly movie on HBO that doesn't demand our full attention. It is near silent except for the murmur of the television and the very loud, hard click-clack-tap-tap-pounding of my typing (the reason behind missing two keys and most of the letters being worn off on my poor battered keyboard).

Here we sit. Side by side. On another Saturday night.

I wonder: good god, how lame are we? Sure, we're tired. Saturdays are full of kid activities, their demands, schlepping the whole family back and forth, to and fro, running errands, seeing friends, making the kids happy. Every couple with two kids or more has Saturday nights like this, right? RIGHT?!


We do go out some Saturday nights. To parties, movies, dinners, events. But not nearly as often as before. This, I know, is normal. Right? RIGHT?!

But here is what worries me, the part that I fear is not normal: this is what I would rather be doing most Saturday nights. What the f*ck?! Did I just say that? Why yes, that was old lame lazy Mom speaking. I enjoy sitting here, chatting online with pals hundreds sometimes thousands of miles away, catching up. Hubby and I are so geeky that sometimes we'll sit here and send Facebook chat messages to each other. Sometimes, we'll share super geeky designy stuff we find online with each other. Oh the romance! The excitement! All while we are sitting less than 2 feet away from each other. I joke, but I think it's kind of sweet. And truthfully? By the time the kids are in bed, I want nothing more than to be in my jammies, take out my contacts, and sit on my butt doing nothing of major importance and nothing that requires me to be social face-to-face.

So there it is: I am lame, and I'm ok with it. Now I'm going to drink my wine, search for some bon bons, and make fun of Larry King and debate politics with the hubster until SNL comes on. I know you are all jealous of our wild weekend night life. Go get yer own!


Princess Time Toys said...

Hey, I'm lame right with you. The only difference is my husband HATES computers so he reads or watches TV will I surf...er, work.

I agree about staying home and being comfortable - nothing better.


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Jeanette said...

I just have to spoil your party and I apologize. My husband and I spent way too many nights doing the same. He on his laptop and me on my computer just a few feet away.

He died suddenly and I'd give my computer and Twitter up for one more night.

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PDXHeather said...

That makes me want to get off the computer right now and go spend some face-to-face time!

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lildb said...

i had to keep checking the url to be sure i hadn't composed this and wasn't reading my own blog.

well, that and i don't have two kids.

but other than that, wow. yeah. get it.

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Rose said...

Oh, hai, that's my life every night of the week and I'm happy to pick that over anything else, all the way down to IMing with my husband as he sits a foot away from me!

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keeper of the chocolates said...

wow! you mean, we are not alone? hehe. ...but add a load of laundry in there somewhere, and you are looking into our saturday nights :)

great post! i loved reading this!

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