I am writing this at 6:45 pm PST. Less than half of the states are called in the historic presidential race between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. I know many will write their posts tomorrow, post-election, but I can't wait. I have to write this NOW. Regardless of the outcome, regardless of who becomes President of this amazing country of ours that I love dearly, what has happened throughout the course of this election has been monumental beyond words.

An African-American man is *this* close to being President. In less than 12 hours he may well be. A woman is on the ticket as the Vice Presidential hopeful. Although I believe strongly she is an absolute insult to womankind, she is still a woman, a mom, nonetheless. And there are all of you. The voters. Turning out in record numbers. MORE than Barack Obama. MORE than Sarah Palin, there is YOU. And it is honestly all of YOU that are the cause of my tears tonight.

And yes, I am now officially a blubbering fool. {Pausing to wipe my glasses so I can see what I am typing. }

What I have seen over the course of this stressful, sometimes hateful, sometimes ridiculous campaign is the beauty of the human spirit rise where so many feared it had left. I've seen strength and courage to find one's voice when many had thought there would be silence. What I've seen - and am seeing tonight - is pride in the power of a single American's ability to VOTE. To say "THIS is what I believe in, and HELL YES I WILL MAKE IT KNOWN." You not only voted in record numbers, but you volunteered in droves! You went door-to-door, made calls, held fundraisers.

And if you didn't volunteer or donate money, you still TALKED about the issues. You talked about healthcare, education, taxes, international relations. Yes, you also talked about wardrobes and rumors and religion. But what matters to me is that there were conversations that happened between people who perhaps never before raised their voices on such matters. And, to that end, never put as much thought into them as they did these past few months. I've loved, relished, ADORED every single conversation I have been so lucky to be part of, with Democrats, Republicans and Independednts. The fact that we are talking, people, is monumental. It means that Americans really do care about what happens to this country, for our children and grandchildren. For our neighbors, and not just ourselves.

Regardless of how you voted, you did it. WE DID IT. Together, we are showing the world who we are as Americans: people of hope, courage, and spirit. Regardless of who is President tomorrow, I hope every American that voted wakes up truly proud of his/her contribution.

As I type this in my home office, I hear my 4 year old son and my husband chatting away while my daughter babbles and colors. They're watching the returns on CNN and MSNBC. My son is coloring a blank map of the United States either blue or red as the projections are called. He may not understand what those colors represent, but he knows there is something big happening tonight. Bigger than him, bigger than all of us. I look forward to telling him the story of this night, of everything that has happened and what it means for him and his sister. I look forward to telling him, with tears in my eyes and a fully, happy heart, how his fellow countrymen and women pulled together and helped make history. And we were all here to experience it.


Lauren said...

I'm right here with you!!!! Mine are coloring map too! It's Happening!!1

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Haleystar said...

I love that no matter how divided or ognorant our "leaders" may have made us appear to the rest of the world, when push comes to shove, we the people are not the corrupt ones! We can pull together as one nation for the greater good!

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Heather-Keido said...

I have been more interested in this campaign than any other campaign in my 13 years as a registered voter. I am more educated on many issues and have broadened my political horizon. Thank you, Barack H. Obama.

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helena said...

Beautiful, Marlynn... Thanks. Your words are perfect and they reflect the thoughts of so many.

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@JeanAnnVK said...

This is a great post...thank you for capturing how me and my family feel, too. More than anything, we have hope again...what a relief! I have been waiting to feel this way about my country.

I also wrote a post yesterday about Obama and his grandmother, maybe you would like it, too... http://www.edgyentrepreneur.com

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BD said...

I'm looking forward to the total number of votes at the end of the day. Regardless of who you're for in this election, it sounds like we're going to have record voting numbers this year. That's more heartening for me than any one person winning an election.

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LaSara FireFox said...

Amazing, indeed, that Obama won the presidency. Yesterday we didn't know if this day was here yet, and it is! The day that a black man can be president in the US of A. It's a huge marker, for all of us, and for the opinion of us in the world, I believe.

Unfortunately, in the same moment, rights were flatly denied to many Californians in the success of Proposition 8. I hope the courts will strike it down.

And perhaps next election there will be a proposition on the ballot to make marriage accessible to all, and that one will pass here in presumably the most liberal state in the union - California.

Win some, lose some. We've come a long way, and today I breathe a sigh of relief. There's still a ling road ahead, and today, once the celebratory confetti falls to the floor, it'll be time to sweep up, and get back to the work of it!

We did, and more importantly, we WILL!

(@yoga_mama on Twitter.)

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