Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Remember a few months back when I was just itching for a trip of my own? Just me and the ability to hear my own thoughts? My wish for a trip by myself has come true in a way I had never imagined. I love it when life is full of unexpected excitement! Tomorrow I'll be getting on a plane - by myself! No kids. No huz. Just me, my sleek new netbook, a paperback, and a couple of changes of clothes. Oh, and enough excitement to fly the plane on my pumped up adrenaline alone. You should all thank me for not writing this entire post in all capital letters, because really, people, I'm THAT stoked about what's to come this weekend.

This weekend I'll be joining nine other bloggers from around the country that have been asked to help the fine folks at Pepperidge Farm spread the word about their Fishful Thinking program. Developed by Dr. Karen Reivich, this program is designed to help parents and educators learn more about instilling optimism in our children's lives. Those who know me know this could not be more in sync with my own life philosophy, especially during these challenging times. I live for the positive, am an eternal idealistic optimist. Life is an amazing gift, and I truly believe that we have the power to harvest good thoughts that can change our lives. As a mom, I have witnessed the confidence and excitement in my children when we all work together in the positive realm, and I am looking forward to learning more activities that can help ensure my happy children grow into optimistic, positive, healthy adults.

When the PR firm Mr. Youth contacted me two weeks ago about the program, I was thrilled and intrigued. I had read all about the program and wanted to learn more. After an in-depth interview (during which I lobbed an obscene amount of questions and received thoughtful, quick answers), several follow-up emails and phone calls, I received a call last week that I was one of the 10 chosen to help represent the Fishful Thinking program. I am extremely honored and am still in shock. I have truly enjoyed getting to know the Mr. Youth executives, and can't wait to meet the other nine bloggers as well as the Pepperidge Farm folks, and Dr. Reivich.

So here I sit on the eve of my first trip without my family in over two years, with my almost 2-year-old jumping onto the pillow she keeps throwing on my head while laughing hysterically, with my 4.5 year old almost passed out on the couch next to me because he's so tired from a busy school week, and with my husband out on a dinner run since we feel like celebrating a little tonight (and also, not cooking :). I am a ball of nervous energy and massive excitement. I still need to pack. I need to sleep early tonight because we need to be up before sunrise.

Oh, and if you're flying from West to East tomorrow and a woman sits down next to you on the plane with the biggest you-know-what-eating grin you've ever seen, literally shaking from head to toe with excited energy, chatting you up, typing a bit too loudly on her netbook and offering you some almonds and maybe a scotch? That's me. Please smile back and say hello before you ask to change seats :)

I'll tweet, facebook and blog y'all again from NY!


krista colvin said...

SO thrilled for you!!! wish i were on the seat next to you smiling back at your 'eatin' grin!"
cheers chica...

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Brenna said...

Congrats Marlynn! That sounds like an amazing opportunity. Have a great time!

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Lauren said...

I can't wait to hear all about it! Have a great time!

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Natascharb said...

How EXCITING!!! Have a fantastic trip and I look forward to hearing all about it along the way... twitter :-)

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Laird Family Blog said...

M. YOU ROCK!!! Have a wonderful adventure!!!

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