My Mother's Day Letter

Dear Kids,

May 28, 2004, I gave birth to you, Boo, the original inspiration for this blog. Then 3 years later, I gave birth to your sister. I still remember every emotion of those days, and the very moment you each came into the world and made it better.

Yesterday your auntie K - one of your many special magical aunties whom you are blessed to have in your lives, who doesn't have kids of the non-furry variety - asked why anyone would willingly jump into motherhood with all of its challenges. We moms are quick to openly vent about the sleepless nights, the challenging days filled with non-stop cleaning up messes, disciplining, illnesses, the oh-so-hard early days with breastfeeding, sleep issues, feeding issues...how so very tired and in pain we are physically, mentally, emotionally. And all of that is a necessary part of being Mom, including the venting. But at the end of the day, underneath all of the stress, sleep-deprivation, constant motion and hard, hard work, there is this: an unconditional incomparable love like no other that changes our world in ways we can never fully explain.

Above all the challenges, the pain, there is you:

And you:

Many of my friends don't have kids and many have decided that being a mom is not right for their lives. For me, personally, it is all I have ever truly wanted, something I could never live without; it is, in short, everything to me to be your mom. Being your mother is the greatest gift I could ever ask for, and I try never to take this gift for granted. You two make me laugh as I've never laughed before, you challenge me to be a better person all the time, and you teach me so many different ways to love, so many different levels of love, you show me a love I never thought possible. You give me hope, inspiration, and unconditional kindness. I may have given you life technically, but you are the ones who give me life each and every day. For this, I will work my hardest to be the kind of person who deserves to be your mom; I live each day to give that name, that title, the respect it deserves. I live each day for you, my littlest but greatest loves.

And there is no pain too great, no challenge too difficult, no experience too heavy to ever cause regret for my decision to go down this path. Because I know, in the end, you will always be with me, and I with you. And that, to me, is what it means to be alive.

Thank you, kids. Thank you for making me a mom. Thank you for giving me life. I love you.

All the love in the world,
Mama M


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Absolutely beautiful!

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Krista said...

Thank you for sharing this with all of us. It brought a lump to my throat and made me appreciate my own kids a little more. Thanks for the perspective!

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Lauren said...

Lovely post! Big heartfelt hugs to you!

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marlynn said...

Thanks mamas! I used to be better about writing letters to my kids, but now only do it once every couple of months. How does time go by faster and faster??

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