Now the mother of a FIVE-year-old

I have practiced saying this for the past couple of weeks: "My FIVE year old..." Rinse, repeat, go numb, freak out a little, freak out some more, fight a tear, flash of five years of memories, rinse, repeat: "I have a FIVE year old son..."

Today's the day. At 4:34 pm on May 28, 2004, my son Ethan was born.

What the WHAT?! Yeah his name is Ethan, not Boo, as I've been calling him here since I started this blog when he was 4 months old. Shocking, I know. :) Let me introduce you now to Ethan. MY FIVE YEAR OLD.

And my name is Marlynn, and I am the mom to said FIVE YEAR OLD.

Annoyed by the all caps yet? Well that's the only way I can think it, speak it, write it. I don't know why five is freaking me out more than four or three or two... but it is.

Maybe it's because at this age, he's truly come into his own person. Over the past year, my husband and I have watched his confidence blossom, he's become more outspoken and outgoing, which has just caused his already ingrained curiosity and fascination with every detail about everything just explode. He is no longer baby, toddler, but Big Kid. The conversations we have just blow my mind! The things he knows, observes, takes in, understands and the questions he has are so insightful and thoughtful... each day I feel like I walk around with a stupid awed look on my face because that's how I feel. I can't believe that's my son, my little boy, asking me those things, saying those huge words, doing all this math (and loving the math - he doesn't get that from me) and reading all of those books so well! My son! My FIVE YEAR OLD son!

I am in awe of the human being he's become, and can't wait to continue to watch him grow. He's taught me so much about life, about relationships, about patience, about my own strengths and challenges. He's my oldest, my dear sweet, helpful and kind son, and now he's FIVE.

Happy birthday, Ethan. You will always be my baby Boo, but also your own fabulous individual self. I am so, SO very proud of you, big kid! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my FIVE YEAR OLD!!!!

Ethan wearing his 5-year-old t-shirt a week early. He designed the "5" by choosing all of his favorite dinosaurs & helping me with layout. The kid knows how to do some basic work (with my help) in Photoshop already.


Here Forward said...

I love the name Boo! I call my son Boo Bear sometimes just Bear! Happy Birthday to Ethan! Yeah, I know what you mean about having a FIVE YEAR OLD. Since turning 5 it seems like my daughter is such a mature little being. It's pretty amazing! Have fun !!

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