Girlie Girl Glow

My daughter is a girlie girl. She was born that way and I've not only come to accept it, but I am trying to follow her cues and let her do the things that make her so happy and just glow and revel in all the girlie girlness. Like putting barretts in her hair. She used to hate it but now the bigger and brighter the hair accessories, the better. Like indulging her love of shoes. Like letting her wear a girlie girl butterfly princess-like costume that I swore I would NEVER let my daughter wear. Ever.

Never say never.

My son had decided we should all be superheroes this Halloween, but after seeing the poor quality of superhero costumes in person (really, they were $30 worth of absolute crap), we checked out what else was available and in the end, came home with this costume:

Now, seeing her in this outfit, I know it suits her to a T. She is radiant, because she's so happy in it. Originally, I was eyeing a dragon costume for her, but when I took this costume off the rack to check out what it was, she instantly grabbed it from my hands, put it in her lap, felt all of the fabric and sparkles and looked up at me with the biggest, widest eyes and happiest smile.

And in that instant I knew: it was hers. No doubt about it, we weren't walking out of the store without it.

My son, instead, chose the dragon. It's also a bright green.

So my children will be glowing at Halloween. With the obnoxiousness that is this crazy bright eye-burning green (who needs reflectors or flashlights?). But also, with pure joy. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Cute! And hilarious... Our early costume plans were foiled as well. The mermaid costume arrived and was so big that it could easily fit the whole family inside. Now we have switched gears to... a DRAGON! :-)

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Brenna said...

Love it! She really is radiant. What a lovely thing to have a mama that can follow her child's lead even if it's not what's expected...

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Grace Matthews said...

They are so cute. This is definately the perfect costume for her. Who knows maybe she will teach you to embrace your inner girlie girl :)

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Kelly said...

We've got through the same thing. I wanted my little one to be a monkey, but she is now a bumblebee princess. She saw the costume and exclaimed, "Dat my frincess, Mama!" What choice did I have?

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Fahrenheit 350° said...

Ooooh! Both of those are fabulous!

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