Kindergarten Becomes Him

Well I'll be. My son loves Kindergarten. L-O-V-E-S it.

Exhibit A: his silly unstoppable smiles as we got ice cream to celebrate his first day last week:

The boy who cried and protested throughout most of his preschool days, and tried at least three times each week to rationalize why he should not go to preschool that day, now LOVES Kindergarten.

I could be having the crappiest day but it doesn't matter because my sweet, sensitive, kind, thoughtful, insightful son is HAPPY. Every day since he started last week, he's been this transformed little grown up. He doesn't even run to me at pick-up time, he wants to stay a little and finish up! He chatters away excitedly from the minute I pick him up to the moment he goes to sleep at night. About school! Kindergarten! My kid is at last challenged and excited about being able to do more, learn more, experience more, and it is so so so incredible to see him be this H-A-P-P-Y about school!

And that makes this mama happier than ever. And no 6-hours trying to fix a stupid ass computer that's been affected with super nasty spyware can take that truth away. What's that about the computer? Oh, that story is for another post. This is a post about my son's happiness, which is, truth be told, a million times more important to me than mine.


Mary said...

Yippee!! Happy, challenged, content kids are most excellent! I hope the start of preschool goes as well for us...

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amy said...

yaaaay! he likes it. nothing better in the world. enjoy. embrace.

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