Have wings, will fly

I speak often of the gifts my children give me--the life lessons, the hard lessons I need to learn as a parent and to grow as a person. It has been two and a half months since I wrote this post about my 2.5 year old daughter's speech delays, and I have slowly come to understand her lesson to me in this part of our relationship: I need to let her do things on her own time...and I need to learn to let go.

In just under 3 months, my daughter went from speaking just a few words to now speaking full short sentences and bringing in almost a dozen new words and phrases a day. Like so many mamas who graciously offered me their support and words of experience having gone through something similar, I just needed to be patient. In time -- her own time -- she found her words. And so many of them! Oh, what a GLORIOUS sound to hear my daughter speaking! Every new word she says, every new phrase, is said with such confidence and such bravado! Along with both of my kids' laughter, hearing her say a new word or phrase is the BEST sound in the whole entire world!

And honestly? She did it on her own. Sure, my husband and I worked with her on her words, and her teachers did too. I'm sure being in school helped. But truly, I feel she has always had the words, known the meanings, understood everything clearly. She is the one who pieced it all together and made the words come to life...on her own time.

I'm so proud of my little girl. She wore this fairy/Tinkerbell costume for Halloween and after some hesitation (loud barking dogs and older kids in scary costume were cause for pause early on our trick-or-treating adventure), she proudly raced up the steps from door to door with her big brother and cousins, shouted "trick or treat!" replied "thank you!" and left with a smile, singing "Happy Halloween!" and then in-between a couple of houses surveying her bounty she declared "Look mom! Chocolate! Candy!" Later that night at home, we asked my son if he had fun, and she chimed in "Me too! I had fun too!" Hard to believe that just two and a half months ago, she was only speaking a handful of words, and we were worrying about speech therapy and hearing tests.

Watching her on Halloween, with those big wings on her back and her unbridled excitement, I really almost thought that she could fly. She had THAT much fun, and was full of that much confidence. As long as I let her use those wings, I know she can and she will.


Kathy said...

as a mom of older kids, it is just AMAZING to watch these guys grow - and the funny thing is, that even once you get out of the baby/todler stage and you think that they are done reaching the big milestones (walking, talking etc..) they still do - even as teenagers! My kids amaze me still (although sometimes in not so great ways - they are teenagers/preteens after all!).
LOVE the costume btw!

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Perfectly said, Marlynn!

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Debbie said...

I am so happy to hear how well she is doing. It seems to be a lifelong struggle for me to let them do things at their own pace.

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